Frequently Asked Questions

Tarabezah is an application that helps its users to find suitable hangout places and reserve their table. The mobile app helps its users to search for a restaurant, lounge and a café from wide choices and instantly reserving a table. Moreover, it is user friendly, up to date, has a variety of places, socially aware and satisfy customer demands.

Signing up on Tarabezah is easy, once you click on ‘reserve now’ it will automatically take you to the sign up page. You can either sign up by facebook or your email address. Also, for security reasons, the application will ask for your phone number and you will receive a verification code afterwards.

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Reserving through Tarabezah will save you time. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, lounge or café and you can always check the menu and pictures of the place. Meaning that, you don’t need to go through the long process of calling the place and getting a busy line or getting the wrong reservation due to miscommunication.

After viewing the place’s information, just click on reserve now and pick the date and time of the reservation and the number of people and in case of a special event such as (Birthday, Anniversary or other) you can click on the ‘occasion’ button and pick the event, then press confirm, if you don’t have an account the application will ask you to sign in/sign to an account. Afterwards, you will either receive a confirmation or rejection from the place you reserved at. Note that you can only make TWO reservations per day.

No, you should have an account in order to reserve through Tarabezah. Sign up by your facebook account or Google email.

Sure you can. The restaurant gets back to their customers with a confirmation after a maximum of 10 minutes. In other cases, such as late reservations, you will have to wait till the next morning in order to receive a confirmation from the place since restaurants do not take any reservation after midnight.

Editing or canceling a reservation is always an option. You can go to your reservation list and press the button on the right and pick whether you want to edit (date, time, number of people) or cancel. In case you wanted to cancel, make sure you do before time

Yes, once you open Tarabezah Application you will find different categories, one of them is ‘Exclusive Promotions’ once you click on it, you will find all the places that are offering different discounts for their customers.

In the restaurant page we provide you with multiple information about the restaurant/lounge or café, such as a brief description about the place, special information that include opening hours, age limit and discount plus pictures of the menu and the place. We also provide you with a review system where you can rate the restaurant and write a small review.

In case the restaurant rejects your reservation, you will receive a notification along with the reason of the rejection (fully booked, renovation, closed or other reasons).
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